How can you tell if there is a keylogger on your computer


Try the program attached.

It detects if a program is writing to your hard drive (keyloggers record what you type to your hard drive every few minutes).

Follow the program’s directions carefully.

If you think somebody’s put something on your computer that shouldn’t be there, you may want to have somebody who knows what they’re doing take a look at it.

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Thanks, my dad is the one that is doing it.

I had the same problem…

It was a bit embarrasing try to explain to my parents that I was merely searching for a photo of the Periodic Table when I pulled up this Google Image search:

Can someone please shove him back in the closet!

Oh man, keyloggers and their keylogging programs. Bastards steal WoW accounts.

you know how many emails you could get into at school with a key logger

… almost all of them?

…so you can see how many messages each person gets from bebo?  No thanks.

hehehe Dancer-babe…you shouldnt  be loopking at those kinds of sites…oh goddamnit i did it again…

I give up , how can you ? Is this some sort of trick question or what. I would not even want a logger in my house . I would consider the Camp cook if she is somewhat purtty and has most of her teeth.

I got wunna those and ya can’t have her!
Find yer own.

parents have the right, and an obligation to keep an eye on what their kids are doing on the internet, especially when they are liable for the kids behavior. key loggers get installed when dad’s think they are being lied to, and needs proof that everything is cool. it gets tricky, you have to have one lame logger and one good one these days, the lame one is for them to find and think they are now “unchecked”, the good one is to actually keep ya “in the know”. in the same way you cannot bullshit the bullshitter, you cannot trick the trickster. decent keyloggers always log to a network drive to avoid detection or removal of logs, them good ol’ logs will get you in the end you know, i am the log meister :smiley:

… and also the resurrecting-dead-threads-meister.