How about losing the Tinfoil Hat and Discussing?

things like the Amero which never even got discussed in the last thread? Hell, I dunno if anyone even knows what it is?

  • a single North American (or it could be PanAmerican) currency to trade goods with, so you don’t have the banks hosing you exchange.
    Advantages should be clear to anyone who’s ever bought online and seen PayPal, Visa, and you bank whittle away a sizeable chunk of your cash.

Now without invoking the ‘horrors’ of SPP or NAU’s, could we or should we even think of it?

I’ve made my argument in other forums that unlike the E.U. where there are many more or less ‘equal’ countries involved, it can’t happen here because the USA is so totally dominant economically and so f***ed up and immature politically.

The other side of the coin has to be present for a monetary union to work.

You lose the ability to set monetary policy, so there has to be another advantage to compensate.

In Europe, the loss of monetary control has been largely offset by a democratic central government.  The EU has a rotating presidency, as well as local members elected.

As well as very generous financial assistance to nations and regions that would otherwise have used monetary policy to even out their economic differences.

On top of that, the free movement of labour and no real borders have been largely positive.  The countries that would suffer the most from not being able to leverage their currencies (Italy, Spain, Portugal) have boomed since joining the EU.

This won’t happen in North America, because the US isn’t really interested in the free movement of labour.  If they were, they’d tear down the Mexican border.  They’re more interested in exporting production instead.

Well if you guys are going to go and be rational about it all, what’s the fun in that…