Housing prices?

Hi. I’m moving to Prince Rupert soon-ish to start a new job. What’s the average selling price these days for a small house (2-3 bedroom) or so?

try typing in Prince Rupert at www.realtor.ca

It depends on the age of the house. You can expect to pay on the plus side of $200,000.

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THanks for the replies. I appreciate people taking the time to reply.

Unfortunately, realtor.ca shows a wide range of houses and prices, and very little historical pricing.

Are house prices going up or down or are they stable?

House prices have been on the rise the last 2-3 years and with the port development and possible LNG multi billion investment will continue to rise


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Your going to pay to much for a dump in this town !!!

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Sad but true house prices have gone mad… be careful, most are over priced and many are dumps. I still think this will all bottom out later in the year or into next. Do not rush to buy and as said many many over priced dumps

So maybe I shouldn’t buy yet? What are rental prices like?

The last time I check some of the decent 3 bed houses in a good area go for around $2000, like this one: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-house-rental/prince-rupert/3-bedroom-house-for-rent-available-immediatly/1141864737?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true

Otherwise decent 2 bed apartments go for around $1300.

Aside from prices, random crappy houses in good neighbourhoods, the usual Rupert complaints blah blah blah… IMO, I would avoid settling in the area circled in red on the map.

You’re very welcome.