Houses for Rent

Anyone know of any houses for rent in Prince Rupert?

Just curious if anyone knows anyone who’s looking to rent out a house for a while, see if I can find anything other than what I can see in the classifieds and stuff.

I’ve also been considering buying a house, but that’s a ball and chain I don’t know if I’m ready for yet.

But now is the time to buy a house the mill is going to start up and then your house will be worth millions and millions especially after the container port makes this place the richest city in the world.

On a side note never pay them money that is all

No listings for Prince Rupert there, though.

There is alot for kelowna… of course they are all fake and they print them in the newspaper so you pay them 70 bucks to find out they have 1 new ad for a place thats already taken and the rest are straight out of the newspaper.

There is one of the realtors in town that will fax you a list of other houses that you can rent in town. I forgot which one though. We get them all the time at work. I’ll find out tommorow.

Sweet, thanks Russ.

My mom work in the office at Realy Executives. She deals with all the rentals. You can call tomarrow. PM me for number etc.

eso has her number already in his pocket book…

Yeah, I thought I heard him saying over the speaker phone something along the lines of “I put on my robe and wizard hat.”


Anyone ever used these classifieds? … 4151505872

No wonder I havn’t had a single call back yet. Fucking homefinders…

Just found this site by mistake…but I have friend who wants me to move down there to rent 3 duplexes. He lives out of town so has nobody to collect rent ect. How tough is it to find a place to rent down there anyways?

For rentals all over BC, try:
Choose your region and then city.

It’s pretty easy to find somewhere to live… there are empty houses and apartments all over the place.