House raided apparently 53 cats living inside!

Bylaw officers from the City as well as the SPCA raided a house on the lower east side early this morning.  Apparently 53 not too healthy cats were found inside as well as an elderly adult with dementia, and a baby.  Apprently the house was immediately condemned. Neighbours have complained for a while about the stench coming from the house and were worried about the health of the elderly gentlemen, everyone was very surprised when a baby was found inside. :astonished:. GROSS!

Oh my goodness!!!  Thatès sooo gross…

OK is this April 1st!!!
A baby!?!?!?!  Come on!!!

wow! where’d you hear 53??? There was only 10 kitties in the house…

tomorrow it will be a hole different story … a politician, a murder, and  satanic cult  sacrifices.  :imp:

I believe it was Professor Plum with the candlestick… :imp: … n-houston/

Speaking of disgusting…

That is unreal…what a bloody pig! :imp:

My crazy sis was/is a cat hoarder and lives with my mom. The last time anyone I know was in their house was at least 11 years ago and he lost track at 30 cats…my mom claims that since then Sis stopped bringing home “lost” cats and they are slowly reducing numbers through attrition but the house has been totalled by her animals.


Speaking with someone from SPCA and she said there were only about thirteen to fifteen cats but a lot of human and cat shit all over the house, now that is disgusting. Sounds like the making of a Jerry Springer Show, trailer park trash.

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My apologies everyone!

1  was so grossed out typing the post that I mistyped  it should have read 13 not 53 cats!  OMG I am not OCD about cleaning but I can’t imagine the living conditions honestly, I hope that the baby is okay, poor older gentleman as well.  DISGUSTING

Stories like these always bother me - it really is a shame for all involved - elderly man, the baby (if that part is true - I have my doubts that an elderly man with dementia was left alone to tend to a baby, but it certainly is possible - and those cats probably have at least somewhat reverted back to wild instincts. 

As for not being OCD about cleaning - all you have to remember is that there is a big difference between dirty, and messy.  Messy is things not put away - clutter.  Dirty is where most people can’t handle it for too long - which is a very good thing! Hee hee

I can’t say names or adresses but the spca did take 10 cats from the house and have to go back for about three more, there was an elderly man with dementia and a “child” living in the house as well as 4 other adults. The cats were covered with fleas and some were missing a lot of their fur and had open wounds. There was large amounts of feces and garbage covering the house. The people in the house obviously had some form of mental problem because they appeared to believe that their house was perfectly normal…
The Northern Health athority as well as family services have been notified about the situation so hopefully it should be resolved soon.
It’s a pretty all around depressing situation :frowning:
That’s all I can say about it, I just wanted to put the story straight
ps. Once all the kitties are cleaned up they will be up for adoption and they are all very affectionate beautiful cats that need forever homes.