House prices

I heard prices are going to drop untill sept, then slowly climb after that.

If they inflated as much as they did in Kelowna over the past couple years due to speculation you will see them drop hard to their knees and stay down like a $0.01 cent whore.  Mind you I’m sure it won’t be as bad up there since painted crack shacks arent selling for 600K+ are they?

These prices are nuts. A war time shack for 160k??? A house on Pilsbury for 410k??? I can see them coming down and not going back up. At least Kelowna has a steady influx of people moving there.

Yeah no… still about 300k over priced. they’re trying to sell 500 sq foot condo’s for 280K thats overpriced.

Is there a direct flight from Edmonton to Kelowna? I have noticed where ever this occurs there seems to be an influx of tar sands people disposing of their welth. I think Courtney, Comox, and Campbell River are now officaly suburbs of Edmonton.

A wartime house in Vernon went for $287,000. :confused:

Thats cheap!