Hottest weekend of the year

Hi all -

Unless you were in your basement the last three days, you probably already know that Rupert just went through its hottest weekend of 2010. Here’s all the information you’ll need to prove it to your friends:


-Muskeg News

It sure “felt” alot hotter than 22.5! My Honda said it was 32 on Saturday @ noon! But of course, who can trust a car thermometer!??! What a great weekend though!

The Thermometer on the outside of our house, said it was in the thirties as well. And it’s in the shade.
Aren’t the temperatures they give us from the airport? It’s much cooler out on the water.

yeah thats so obvious and look at how hot it was in terrace, went there for the night on Saturday it was 38 c and Rupert said a whole 22 lol i bet it was hotter than that in town. They should change it up and post 2 or 3 different temps from around town and say on the highway .

Here is the link to the weather station on top of City Hall. It said something like 29 C on Saturday.