Hotmail sucks lately

So lately, it seems that every good joke or video, or picture I send out through hotmail… ends up some complete and utter garbage in people’s inboxes.  All it ends up being is a mass of mixed up letters and numbers, that spans X amount of pages, instead of the picture or movie file, that was simply forwarded on. 

It never did this before, to this extent.  In the past it might have done it to maybe 1 in 25 emails I had sent out, now it does it to about 1 in every 4 or 5.

What gives?  Other than the fact that hotmail sucks.

Ive never had any problems with hotmail in my life.  I wish it would upload faster, and
go straight to the mail section when i login.

Hotmail is great, in that it allows me to immediately judge somebody’s tech-awareness and level of expertise.  In my line of work, if somebody gives me their e-mail address, and it’s a hotmail one, I immediately put them in the “don’t have a clue” category.

Honestly, anybody who has a clue abandoned hotmail long ago.

Nothing worse than somebody giving out a business card with a hotmail address on it.  It just screams “I have no clue!”

I so agree with this. Any one should know that with their isp they get agree email address, it looks more professional.

Hotmail is for kid’s. In my opinion.

I would have to disagree, its nice to only have to remember the before the @…  and to check your email anywhere in the world simply going to is nice.  You can store stuff in your hotmail say a resume and print it out on the spot. 
Or you can have a on your business card and in brackets (dont email me on sunday cuase theres a good chance that citywest will be down)

Or you could use your isp’s webmail. 

I have a citytel email address still and it never goes down just because your internet in town goes down on and off does not mean the mail servers are down. I’ve checked my mail lots when the internet in rupert is down works fine for me.

And if you cant remember your username @ your isp’s domain you need hotmail for sure.

first jleaman burn in the history of jleamanism


Nah, he’s on a roll. … l#msg78305

This young-gay-69 makes it easy.

I use hotmail simply for jokes.  Basically, it was the first email address I ever had, and I’m lazy to switch all my addresses over to my gmail accounts.  When it’s something important, I use my citytel account. 

I would never think of putting a hotmail address on a resume… that’s just simply retarded.  Just like I would never put  If you’re going to have a main email address like that… why even bother putting it on a resume? 

I think the point is that hotmail is not our main email address, & not a professional one either.

It screams “I’m a businessman to cheap or stupid to use a real e-mail and Client… throw me RIGHT in the garbage”

Just echo that text into stuff.jpg/gif then load it up in your browser… n00b

I don’t think the people I’m sending jokes to will go through that trouble.  They’ll just delete it and move on.

I like Gmail, I’ve almost got 2.8 GB of storage. 

Hotmail is for this kid just like the job he has.