Hotmail attempts to compete

They’re gonna up the account limit to 250mb…

250mb of spam.

Hotmail actually sells your address to spammers.

Man, my hotmail account gets over 500 spams a day.

Yeah my hotmail gets about 200 or more a day… it’s pathetic… I like gmail. and my other 5 email addy’s

mine gets the odd spam, but mine has been relativly clean… my chss on the other hand, even with that spam thing, still gets quite a bit

You might have had your CHSS address added to a list somewhere… have you ever published your address on the internet? Or subscribed to something?

uhm, things like gamespy and such, but i make sure that i uncheck all those retarded “send me this” shit

i never put the full email in.

i use example at example . com.

i seen it used around a few times and just started doing it…

it is so neat how you can just go to and put in your email and see where it has been used… CRAZY…

Ah oh. Camino doesn’t to spelling… ( underline’ing ) SHIT!!!

Well, my hotmail has no spam and ive had the new hotmail for… 2 years now.