Hot Nanny

Who would you prefer to go to bed with?

  • Hannahlie
  • Milani
  • Both!

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Would anyone like to meet Hannahlie?

who are you talking about? Werner who?

I wish that was my hot tub.

I think Milanne or whatever is hotter…

but yeah…

I remember when Milane showed up (with the new wife?), and Ivan invited all of his friends over just to check her out.

Hannahlie… :unamused:

Why’s he need a Nanny?

Does his dad think that importing girls to live with him will stray Werner from the lifestyle he has chosen? By Osmosis?

Dylan King must be very upset…

Because Mr. Pienaar, and the new wife are far to busy to take care of Werner/Marcus, so, it’d make sense to get a nanny. Both being doctors, and both being on call all the time, it’d suck not to have a nanny.

But, I thought Milanni moved back to Alberta with the ex husband of Mr. Pienaar’s wife?

I voted for Milani. Although it’s basically a toss-up.

Damn im gonna travel to south africa.

No, Dan, Milanie wasn’t an “almost nanny” she was the nanny during the summertime, because there were extra kids. Also her “aka” was Bologna.

Advice from an older, more worldly man

Chicks dig guys who can actually remember their names! :laughing:

Babe also works great when you cant remember names.

Nope, she wasn’t, she was just staying with werner…But acted like a nanny for a while =\

question re: the Nanny

did she spank him? :laughing:

Marius is a lecherous old man.

hey eso who is that fool with the thing paper bag on his head???

i can say it’s not Eso glasses or pocket protector…

Whoever it is, alls I have to say is: They got fragged.