Anyone catch the movie “Hostel” yet? Extreme torture in that movie. Anyone want to go traveling in the summer to Slovakia?

yeah, I downloaded it. not thaaaat special, quite gruesome though

That was the sickest comic strip I’ve seen. I like the faces of the people looking at him.

Very funny.

Honestly, I saw it this morning and I’m still laughing at it. It really is one of the funniest things I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming.

explosm rules, I find myself reading the comics often while at work… like right now… training the new guy is awefully boring when theres no work to be done.

rangerwreck wrote:

[quote]yeah, I downloaded it. not thaaaat special, quite gruesome though

Gruesome, YES! That was the entire point of the movie. Now that movie just unleashed a new group of serial killas!!! And me, I have quiet the set up in my basement.


And that’s why it’s not that great of a movie.

Wrong dude, it was fucken awsome. Kind’a makes ya feel funny inside.

Pornography + Poor Plot = Hostel

I usually expect bit more than gore from movies, ya know…that like actually
have a plot, or at least one that makes you think [size=7]even if only
a little :wink:[/size]

Nahhh, killing and torture is fine.


I give it a 6 out of 10. The only gross part was the eye part. Other then that you see the cuttin toes off cuttin fingers off on tv almost everyday.

Goriest North American released movie in a long time.

That show inspired me!

i kinda wanna see this movie… but sounds like its not worth it…