Horror Story

Ok if they ever give out Darwin Arwards for towns, mine will take it hands down.
Today a guy came in for his brochures. I told him he’d given me two different phone numbers, which was right one to put on them…

Ok, he had a wireless phone with voice messaging on it with Rogers. Then he set up a Telus cell with voice messaging becasue Rogers doesn’t work here. Then he was going to set one to call forward to the other, but forgot which. They both have PG numbers and he couldn’t remember and lost the documentation. He spent from 10 til 12:30 on the phone long distance trying to sort it out. Then he went home and said he’d be back tomorrow. Tomorrows Saturday!
Like he was calling on and then the other to see who got messages and couldn’t figger…
Now if you ditch the Rogers one and use the Telus one it works everywhere and if people leave messages you call the SAME NUMBER THEY DO and punch in a code to get them. My Dad could figure this out and he has advanced Parkinsons!
Oh did I mention his Fort St James phone? Yeah you can get call forwarding here but not voice messaging. It also doesn’t work at his trailer out of town at all. So it call forwards to one of those phones and he calls LONG DISTANCE to get the messages.
Ha HAS to do this cuz he lives in a travel trailer about 50 feet from his buddy’s house. Telus says he need a service pole to get his own phone and he’s too stupid to have them demark it at his buddie’s house and run a $3 extension cord over the ground.
Don’t rag me, I’ve explained this too him at least 14 times since July and even drawn it on paper twice. And guess what? He wants INTERNET!!!
:unamused: :unamused: :unamused: AAARRRGGGGGHHHHH :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

EDIT: **T G I F **

Man, is this the part where you yell BOOOO!!! really loud?

Sounds like a bad campfire story for techies.

Actually my sister had the right plan. She told me to walk away from it all, move to Vancouver, get a job at McDonalds. File for bankruptcy (look at me… i work at McDonalds), finalize my divorce and live in Mom’s empty condo for free and don’t worry till we all need to settle inheritance…

looking good, Sis… two more customers like this…I’ll take you up on it!

Here is a weird one: My phone lines are dead but my ADS line still works like a charm. I even have a phone plugged into the modem box and it doesn’t work but no problem posting on htmf.