Honey, Im Home!

Wow, it has totally been too long since I have been on this site, Glad to be back and hopefully some of the originals are still here, obviously MiG is still kickin :stuck_out_tongue:



Welcome back:)

Annual CoD Christmas game tonight Timbits!  Are you in town?

yaaaaaaaaaaay Tim!  Welcome back for a bit!


What about Hakkzor! I’m not back in town yet…
Tomorrow!! Well, y’know, we should play after x-mas?  nudge nudge

I’d be up for another round after christmas too!

I love having friends come back to town for the holidays :smiley:
It’s nice to see everyone. Missed you, Hakkzor!

Well I should have been home on Monday Night, But unfortunally due to weather in Vancouver, I have been stuck in Calgary since Monday at 2pm… Was on a flight this morning 6:30 to YVR, All aboard… Doors Closed… Were going… Wait… YVR Airport just shut down… Been Awake 52 hours straight… Im now confirmed 26th… But im still trying to get out.

Saw you wandering around the airport via Global TV news.

I feel for you saw you on global as well…  You might as well of jumped on a bus home a while ago…Merry Christmas at calgary Airport

Yep, same.
I was watching the news with family before our Xmas Eve dinner, and Tim’s face popped up! “Hey, I graduated with that guy!” Hehe.

Hope you’re able to get out soon.

whhhhhhhhhhhhat a notice about things like this would be awesome :frowning:

if there was a notice then I missed it 'cause I don’t have a computer anymore :'(

which CoD do you all play? does anyone have xfire or ventrilo? i’ll download team speak if you use that version.  or do you lan it up? I only know maybe 3 other people that play cod

I have CoD 1 (with the expansion), CoD 2, & CoD 4

if you guys wanna play some I’m down :smiley: or if any lans come up plz inform us!

I might attend :stuck_out_tongue: