Homework help


#1.In Cornville bicycle license plates have 2 letters followed by a 1 digit number. How many different license plates are possible

#2.Pizza mind pizza parlor has 8 kinds of pizza 3 kinds of salad and 4 kinds of beverage. Id you order one item from each category, how many different meals can be orderd.

#1.  There are 26 possibilities for the first letter, 26 for the second letter and 10 for the last part ( assuming 0 is used).  Assuming that the use of a letter in the first position doesn’t affect using it in the second position ( can use the same letter twice), these three things are independent of each other and thus the number of possible permutations is given by  multiplying  all three numbers ( 26 x 26 x 10).  But it’s been awhile since I’ve done my stat course.

2.  See #1.  Actually, this can surely help you understand the idea of independent event. 

I heard MiG was from Cornville.