Home for Rent, 332 5th Ave East

Heritage home for Rent immediately, 332 5th Avenue East, 4 bedrooms, gas - radiant heating system, 2-5 minutes walking from downtown PR, view photos of the home on mls.ca as it is also for sale, call 250-352-7074 to discuss, messages will be responded to promptly.

How much is the rent for this property per month?

Kind regards
Ronelle & Blaire

We are looking at 1200/month for rent, gas per month is approx 100-200 pending on how warm you enjoy a home, hydro is approx 50-100 pending the lights, dryer etc.

1500 + cable /phone / internet 1800 a month max thats prety expensive, would you consider rent to own ?

you be better off to have a mortgage lol. $1800 a month is crazy. Around 3k a year if you own the house and that’s it depending on the house location and such for taxes and all that. Have no clue why people rent.

Always good to have a discussion regarding rental, rent to own, please give a call 250-352-7074 if you may be interested.

We have a CONFIRMED RENTER for our home as of 4pm Tuesday November 2nd, good luck all!