Home entertainment

OK,  So right now I have a 42’ samsung,  with a samsung dvd player with USB input.  I get all my TV from the net via torrents, AVI foramt because all the dvd player reads is AVI off the thumb drive.
So I either put the shows on thumb drive, or DVD RW.  A bit of a pain,  and I can only play AVI’s  though my membership allows me to get 720p . mkv files.

Here is what I want to do,  build a desktop entertainment system,  that will be able to serve as my torrent box,  and connect to my TV.

Pretty basic,  Not out the realm of my little more than limited skill base.

Here is what I think I need.

  • Desktop
  • Good sound card with 5.1 or higher
  • good video card with hdmi output (  my TV for some reason does not have a PC connection )
  • good qualitywireless mouse/keyboard with great range.

I am sure there are things I am missing,  and I am not to up to date with the latest in those components.

I would love some feed back and suggestions.  Laymans terms would be nice.  I am computer literate,  and can build my own tower,  however I am lacking in the lingo.

THNX in advance.

PS.  I know there are some all in one boxes out there that can do all this,  but I would rather have the hobby and the ability to add on and upgrade later.

How much you want to spend ?

Cost not a huge issue,  but a small factor…

Do you have a Digital amplifier with optical input ?

the home theater/ dvd player does…

But I read that sound cards are no capable of 5.1 output,  well one website anyway,  lol