Home Builders

I’m entertaining the idea of purchasing a lot and having a house built on it. Any recommendations for home builders in Prince Rupert?

That’s a good question. It’s probably been a while since any of our local contractors have built a house. It’s been very quiet on that front for a long time.

ive thought of that too. just dont think its worthwhile after buying the lot and 400-500 k after for building just won’t get your money back on it in this town

try Rupert Wood and Steel, or Ermino Vendetelli for home building

Using contractors to build a house would be a devastating price in PR I would speculate. If you can even keep them on ground long enough to build it.

Over the course of the house build you would more likely be dealing with multiple contractors to complete phases. If anyone, you’d be better off finding the small contractors otherwise the build won’t be cost effective.

400K doesn’t sound unreasonable given some of the construction companies in Rupert that deal in large scale. What’s the point of having a large house in Rupert? The property tax is outrageous as well.

Another couple of Experienced Home Builders could include Paul Amorim, not sure of his companys name, but could be North Coast Construction maybe. Regardless he’s in the phone book.
Another guy would be Craig Movold. He owns Adanac Construction.
Both these guys are young, hardworking individuals with home building experience and good work ethic!