Home Audio

Ok so my dad has been planning a surround sound system for a while now. During that time, I’ve also taken up an interest in home audio (fits nicely with my car audio fetish).

Well, we went from not knowing much (Hey dad, buy the $500 pioneer 5.1 setup from Walmart!) to knowing a good deal more.

Anyway, my dad bought the setup the other day, so when I got home from work I asked if he’d set it up yet. He said we’re not setting it up until Christmas.

I’m bummed, I was stoked to be in there store picking out what we’d get and now I don’t even get to listen to it for almost a month.

By the way, we got a Denon 6.1 system, I believe. It was $1,400 and we got it for much less with my dad’s bargaining abilities.

We were trying to stay away from the ‘out of the box’ kits and were checking out a 5.1 amp, 2 surround sound speakers, a busty center channel and then we’d go without a sub and use the two floor speakers we have now (10" woofer to each) because they’ve done us well so far, but we figured if the Denon system doesn’t tickle our fancy off the bat we can always use the sexy amp to power our old speakers along with the Denons for rear fill until we further upgrade.

So to actually make this a topic and not a blog post… what do you people have for home audio?

In my bedroom I’ve got two Yamaha NS-344 floor speakers running off what’s left of my parent’s old Sharp CD player (CD Player and Tape player no longer work so I just use the AUX/Video and play CDs / DVDs with my X-Box.

I use my computer as my personal entertainment system, and I have a Antec 600 watt pro logic surround sound speaker system. It comes with 5 little speakers, and an 8" woofer. Pleanty loud enough for my bedroom, and can shake the floor good enough. Now in the basement we have a setup with 4 beaker breakers (fog horns, for mid-highrange), 2 x 18" antec loud speakers in cabnets with scoops, 2 x 15" loud speakers (some other brand), 2 x 3" pioneer tweaters. I don’t think its ever been turned up past 4/10 on the volume knob, because even at 4, it’s enough to shake the nails out of the framing in every house in the neighborhood. This system has got us 2 noise complaint tickets already.