Holes in the Road

Where do these random holes come from.  One day theres no hole, the next day I have to avoid it for 2 months. 

I don’t even bother to avoid them anymore.

A little dirt by the city till they have time to pave would be nice. 

In the meantime, I’ll just have a very sore butt when I get home.

They get bad sometimes, and whats up with the water leaking out before you pull into mc d’s they just fixed that 4/5 months ago

I nearly spilled my dad’s coffee while we were driving home from Mc D’s… but I don’t know anything about leaking water.

Next time you pull in, the one closest to highway 16 is leaking water


Yeah … Water, sewer, roads… kind of basic infrastructure for a town but notwithstanding we are already among the top three municipalities in BC for the taxes we pay, this city can’t even keep basic infrastructure up… Enjoy the potholes and the water and sewer leaks folks cuz they aren’t going away soon.  And don’t even think about doing something about dumping raw sewage in the harbour…

The reality is that the local politicos would rather compete with the likes of Telus, Bell and Rogers by being one of the few municipalities in Canada to still provide telecommunications services. Our investment in CityWest if sold would go a long way to paying the overdue bills for repairing the basics in town.  Stay tuned to watch the city lose it’s shirt over the next several years as the value of Citywest withers away due to being unable to compete.