Hold onto your wallets Podunkians

The city is looking to generate some revenue for their strapped coffers and if there isn’t too much of a backlash it would seem that Prince Rupert residents will be in line for yet another tax increase.

Not inclined it seems to cut services or sell off such assets as CityWest, the city in need of a bit of a financial cushion to “maintain a healthy range of amenities” is once again looking towards the city’s taxpaying population.

City council examined options to increase taxation by between 3.5 and 5 per cent, but mindful that perhaps the tax burden is getting a little too onerous on the heavily taxed Rupert taxpayer, they will test the waters first next week…

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I thought I read something in the recent past (about the time the home assessments came out) that taxes would not increase - especially if your house only increased by the “average” amount.  Does that sound familiar to anyone else?

yeah I linked that in the story on my blog, here’s the archive from january…

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Yes, here is the quote that I was thinking about:

“Just because your property value goes up, it doesn’t mean your taxes are going up,” said Pond.
“What people need to watch for is if their property has gone up a lot, or more than their neighbours’”

I guess that’s no longer true.

OK it sucks that property taxes are going up for you, but it sucks even more to be me!
"Council asks to slash budget wish list to avoid 14% tax hike"
cbc.ca/canada/calgary/story/ … lance.html

This ought to put me right in line for $2k per year in property taxes and my house is dead on average for prices in Calgary. I think this story was released so Calgarians ‘feel good’ about a 10 to 11% tax hike. We have the definition of a ‘tax and spend’ Mayor.

BTW our snow removal program is ‘wait for the Chinook winds’ for the most part. I drive a 4X4 and a dual purpose motorcycle to cope with the state of our roads.

Sorry about the rant but I’d kill for a 5% tax hike.


Well, Calgary’s fiscal problems stem from a rapid increase in population.

Rupert’s fiscal problems come from giving tax holidays to a parade of companies that never intended to open the mill, while spending like they were taking in money.  That, and the apparent inability to use Excel properly (to the tune of millions of dollars).

If you have a “tax and spend” Mayor, what does Rupert have?

Whenever they got the figures for the assessments here it was probably while Pope&Tailbiter was firing up and both mines were courting town. People saw 40-80% increases.
But before they were released P&T bit the biscuit, Stuart Lake Lumber shut down, one mine got nixed by the natives (rightfully so) and the other got snagged in a jurisdictional dispute between 2 bands…
Now we’re waiting til April 30th to hear what the Chinese are going to do with the sawmill here and you couldn’t give away your house if you tried.
Someone on Council even mentioned his assessment went up $80,000 and his actual market value probably went down $50 to $60,000. There’s been a huge number of appeals.

Please excuse my ignorance of the details of Prince Rupert. I logged on to this board to try and get the feel of whats happening out that way as I have intentions of moving to BC in the future. I have been reading the PG Citizen more often than not for the last year and a half. but have not found a board with nearly the input of this board.

That being said I do know a (gold copper) mine is opening up north of McKenzie. How far is that from Rupert? I know you won’t go there for the 7eleven :wink: but I’m not too sure of the time needed to travel. I’m actually surprised the port expansion hasn’t impacted Rupert in a more positive manner as of yet, but thats why I’m reading this board. I’m here to learn.


MacKenzie is a few hours north of Prince George, which makes it about 10-12 from here depending on how fast you like to drive.

YOu’d be better off going to PG for your 7-11 fix…

There are mines being developed in the smithers area if that’s your gig, it’s only 4 hours from here and they have their own 7-11 I think…

“There are mines being developed in the smithers area if that’s your gig, it’s only 4 hours from here and they have their own 7-11 I think…”

Well, mines are not my gig, safety is. I did talk to some of the executive of that (will be) mine and they are interested, but a year to a year and a half out, but it is a go.

Before anyone gets their feathers rustled I want to add I’m a coach long before enforcement comes into play. I hope my goal is the same as everyone reading this boards, to send every one home in the same condition they came to work in, except tired.

Now you can throw rotten fruit and vegetables, but if you do please explain what’s wrong with getting home intact after work.