Hold old are you anyway

I still get asked for ID a LOT… eventhough I turned 19 almost 10 years ago now! 





:smiley: 19 here  :smiley:
feels good to be young  :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m old enough to know better…

What, speak up I can barely  hear all of you… :smiley:

22 here, I think?  23? No, pretty sure 22. 

Wanna hook up?

I find it fitting that this would be your 69th post. 

:smiley: i’ve been hooked already  :smiley:
      as far as i know, we’re happy  :confused:

Age=<99 but >18

34 & still goin.

he’s cheating on you.


with me.

edit 2:

Yes he’s given all his love to jesus.


That makes me sad.

We can hook up too if you want.  :smile:

It doesn’t make me sad because I wasn’t included, it makes me sad because that is such a typical male response… :unamused:

Although, I realise that no one can make me sad, I choose to be sad on my own.

I don’t follow

No one person can make another person anything. You can’t make me sad, angry, upset, etc. I choose to have those feelings.
Someone once told me to look at anything negative or positive anyone ever said to me as a gift, a box wrapped up all pretty, in this case it will be someone calling me a name. Now I can CHOOSE to accept that gift, the name that person called me, or I can say, no thanks I don’t want it, and throw it away.

It’s about being accountable for your feelings, instead of blaming them on someone else.
“My girlfriend made me angry so I punched her.” Would anyone in their right mind accept that as an excuse? No.

Make sense?

Weren’t you deported??  Wouldn’t that make what you are requesting difficult??  :neutral_face: