Hockey Jerseys

Even though there is no hockey this year, I am still a Hockey Fan and collectiong Hockey Jerseys. Here is something. Last month I bought an Oilers 3rd Uni Jersey on 3rd ave, it cost $65 for an Air Nit, they did not have any Calgary Jerseys there so i bought one in Winnipeg because My sis was there for a couple of days, same material for the Flames but the price was fucken $113 bucks…WTF ??????

Same brand?

I want to get a Hartford Whalers jersey.

I wouldn’t mind a California Golden Seals jersey.

I just picked up a 2003 Western NHL All Star Pro Jersey from Rivercity Sports in Winnipeg. Regular price is $250 Canadian plus shipping… I got it to my door for $72.

I also just got one off of ebay for a Buy It Now of $99 US for a 2004 Bertuzzi Western All Star replica. I bid on the wrong auction, or I could have got the same jersey for $75 US.

NHL teams are still expensive to buy… If you want a replica alone with no numbers, it’s going to cost you around $100, with name and numbers running you at least another $50. (On the jerseys I’ve been looking for that is.)