Ho HO HO....oh oh

 I just mailed a parcel to my granddaughter. Not very heavy at all. The clerk took every measument she possibly could and, I bought a couple dollars of insurance too…
Waiting in the lineup made me a little pre Christmas anxious, the nice young lady smiled, and gave me my total for the one medium sized parcel … :astonished:… WTF… I did not say that outload, but I think my expression gave way to the shock of $ 19.40" for that. "  I paid and left pissed at Canada Post.
Next year it will have to be something homemade outa foam chips…lol
But, it’s Christmas and I know she will love to open her gifts, and that’s all that matters to me in the end.
So how’s everyones shopping going.almost done? What do you want for Christmas this year?

I know that whatever I end up buying for family by next weekend, it’s being shipped back early via Greyhound.  Anything like gift cards will be mailed but CanPost is just too pricey for parcels. Though I am pleased to say that my overseas (UK and Swiss) cards made it over in a week.

I don’t really need anything for Christmas . My husband is talking of buying a PS3 for the family but that really translates as “another excuse for me and the kids to sit semi-blankly in front of the tv for hours on end.” Meh and double meh.  :unamused:

No kidding they hiked rates. I had switched a lot of order deliveries to Canada Post until I got hit with $44 for $80 worth of satellite arms.
I think they’re out to drive you to Purolator (owned by Canada Post) so they can justify some major cuts.

I can’t wait for boxing day sales, love a good deal. We are going to buy our present to each other in Jan. when they slash the price on a HD/LCD T.V’s…woop