i also heard that whom ever is taken down the building doesnt even have permission yet.

Well, I heard from friend that he heard from his sister that some other guys were talking. They said that they heard from someone whose brother works with the guy who knows things. According to them, someone heard that someone in Prince Rupert was spreading rumours about something cool. Now, the rumour is that the rumour is that, sometime in the not so distant future, someone famous is going to come to town and go to the Crest and buy a beer and dinner in the lounge. Now, I know this is just a rumour, but it sounds pretty likely to me. So what I think is that we should all go stake out the Crest and wait for this famous person to arrive. Personally, I’m going to wait in the bar drinking pints until it happens.

What building, what are you talking about?

Did you mean to post this somewhere else?

You know MiG, that building. The one by the thing that had the stuff in it. It was over by the other place.

No man, it’s over by that whicha-maacahlit :exclamation:

Boy o boy…are they ever going to be in big trouble.


Boy o boy…are they ever going to be in big trouble.[/quote]

Especially when they find out about it. They’re gonna stomp 'em into oblivion!