HMCS Regina

Anybody else see this ship in the harbour?

big version here

It’s the HMCS Regina, apparently. Halifax-class frigate.

Note phalanx antimissile gun on the rear.

I was pretty curious about it as well.

Was it a public relations stop, or any particular reason for it being here? I saw it moored at the cruise ship dock.

If its teh yanks we should shot at it .

Umm, you’re joking?

Dude with what ? Shoot at em’ with or awesome pistols ? Or maybe we will try slingshotting em’ ?

Not only that but you do notice that theres a canadian maple leaf on there right ? Least’ I think it is

yeah its a maple leaf, plus, notice the word in the first post

think about…

getting anything yet?


Here are 4 more shots, higher resolution, closer in. … gina_1.jpg … gina_2.jpg … gina_3.jpg … gina_4.jpg

Also, HMCS Regina was just recently off the California coast, with a couple other Canadian ships, taking part in exercises with the US Navy. They apparently got to use their Phalanx in live-fire mode. Against drones, I’d guess.

Big Canadian flag on the side of it, and a big red maple leaf a little behind this one. And another big Canadian flag on the back.

Someone told me that they saw some armed guard patrolling on the bow and stern of the ship while it was moored. I don’t think it was a public relation stop.

Wow! Mr. Scott is mad losing his hair…

Wow … I thought it was The U.S.A and ya I would shoot shit at them just to piss them of.

if you hear a knock on the door, check out the window for a black Suburban before you answer.