Hm… What do you think?



If you like the signature, go to your Profile page > Forum Profile Information

Then copy/paste this into the Signature section:


I think it’s cute.  :smiley:

Awesome!!!  Thank you, nauticalpixel! :sunglasses:

nauticalpixel your work is very nice… :smiley:

Those penguins are scary!!! :astonished:

Great work Mr. “There’s never too many layers”!

Scary? They’re adoreable.
But I’m kind of biased, I love all of Nauticalpixel’s work.


and nauticalpixel  I was buttering you up I would love a new sig and avatar …hehehe :smiley:

I think it would look cool with the hitest right in the linux one, right on the left side slanting down

haha, private photoshop joke I take it?

Yeah those penguins are kind of freaky. Nice work on the sigs though NP

Agreed.  They’re hypnotic.  Beware the penguins…muhahahahaha. :smiley:
NP does wonderful work. :sunglasses:

Actually, I had made those lil guys some time ago. Put them in a wallpaper:


Click here to download

Thanks for the comments, too. Am pleased you enjoy it. :smile:

You are welcome:-)

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Where could a guy go to see more of your stuff?

I suppose there’s some here. :smile:

Very cool, thanks!

Nice stuff!  Creepy self portrait though! :stuck_out_tongue: