Hit Parade 70's

Is there anybody out there who remembers a Japenese song on the radio in that era, I believe it may have been alove song and was very popular. I have it in my head and I could hum it but that won’t help you. If you know it can you try and spell it. Thanks

Know any of the lyrics?

Next time you see me in person, hum the song into my phone – there’s a program on there that identifies music.

Shit everytime I see you , it seems that you put pressure.

If it’s what I’m thinking of, it’s probably “Ue o muite aruko” (I look up as I walk) by Kyu Sakamoto, better known outside of Japan by its English title “Sukiyaki”.

Right on Stardog Champion, you know you stuff. No I will hum it for you Mig

Screw that, we need some of The Checkers up in here.

~Oh, my Juuuuriaaa. Oboete’ru kai? Oreeetachi miteta yumeee-gets shot