do any of the mountains around rupert or in the prudhomme/diana lakes area have decent hiking trails leading up them?

You, would benefit from borrowing one of the two copies of “Hiking the Rainforest” from the Prince Rupert Library, they list most if not all of the hikes in the area between here and about halfway to Terrace, and have directions and all that good stuff.

If you’re ever looking for something new to photograph…want to shoot some kids on bikes one day?

To answer your question though, yes, there are some really amazing hikes in the area. That book is the best resource I’ve found.

The hiking trail out by the fish hatchery that heads right up the mountain beside the biking trail, is that anygood for hiking?

Edit: It’s called the Kiwanis Trail I think.

Prince Rupert has a library?

Kiwanis is kind of cool, but there are a series of alder escarpements or something that have peeled off the creekside and made it a scramble to get through at the top before you hit the alpine. It’s also long (took me and a friend 7 hours once) to go round trip, but that was in snow and in white-out conditions. I’m pretty sure there is a shorter route too that connects up quicker.

It’s also mentioned in the book.

and yes, http://www.princerupertlibrary.ca

I wonder if they’d have any hunter s. thompson books…

yes, 5 titles.

Dude, I think the Prince Rupert Library is rather kickass.

Libraries in general are neat.