Highway of Tears

Has there been any dscussion of the Highway of Tears re: the missing / murdered native women hwy 16 between PG and PR?

Leads are being gathered over the yrs and hopefully the culprits will be caught

Has there been any talk recently about the dozens of missing and murdered women along hwy 16 between PG and PR?  It’s amazing anyone hitchhikes at all these days!

New leads are comming in they say - hopefully the guy will be caught very soon.

I do not know of any ‘official’ news regarding the highway. 

Now - I may regret posting this because I am not sure if I can make myself clear without some people taking it as me being callous or uncaring.  That is not my intent at all, and hopefully I can be clear about that.

I do not like the name ‘Highway of Tears’ - but I definitely understand why it was chosen.  It makes me uncomfortable and depressed, but like I said in the previous line - I understand why it was chosen - the point of the name is probably exactly that, though - to make us feel something so that we don’t get complacent about the disappearance of these women. 

At the same time however, I don’t want anyone that lives near or travels this highway to forget that it is believed these women were all hitch-hiking when they went missing.  I am NOT saying that if these women did hitch-hike then they deserved to go missing or be killed/harmed.  Not even in the slightest!  I guess what I want to make clear out of this whole horrific thing is my desire for all the other women out there; our daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc - be educated about the dangers of hitch-hiking. 

Well sourdough…you have brought it up.
I dont think the cuprits will ever be caught…they have either passed away…or they are very good at what they do.
I beleive it has been years since a girl has gone missin.

I just drove to Prince George from Prince Rupert and witnessed several women hitchhiking along the way.  I guess some people just don’t get it.  :neutral_face:

Mess with one if you want a faceful of Bear Spray…
they’re learning! :smiley: