Highway expected to remain closed tomorrow

The highway between Prince Rupert and Terrace was closed earlier tonight, and is expected to remain closed until at least six p.m. tomorrow.


I am so sick of billabong and obriens highway maintenance. I am sad so say this but the NDP where right when they were against privitizing road maintenance. When there is a more than 4 inches of snow on the road there in no blows to be seen. When there is no snow falling u see 5 of them.

Well I wonder why lol, Avalanche is at extreme with all this rain, let me ask you would you like to be barried in 40 feet of snow while they drop sachel charges on the mountains ?

I’d love to hear all the complaining if someone was killed in an avalanche. Let them do their work. Welcome to Canada. Winter sucks for travelling.

Ummm… Billabong and O’Brien can’t magically make avalanche disappear.

Also, read the f*cking article.