Highway Crash

From the CKNW website

RCMP investigate fatal crash in Prince Rupert this morning

PRINCE RUPERT (CKNW/AM980)-- Prince Rupert RCMP are investigating a fatal vehicle crash that closed Highway 16 for about 6 hours early this morning.

Police say the accident happened around 12:30, when an SUV crossed the highway and hit an on-coming transport truck about 32 kilometres east of Prince Rupert, near Rainbow Summit. The semi was engulfed in flames.

The driver of the SUV was killed, but the driver of the truck escaped and was later treated in hospital for minor injuries. No names have been released.

Yeah I heard that on the scanner last night. They weren’t saying much other than the crash was fatal and they’d be out there all night.

This morning I heard about this and tried to find some news about it on the web, but no links… Didnt’ bother posting anything. My version included a petrol tanker engulfed in flames.

i live right by the highway and was wondering why there was so many damn sirens. Now I know, always get scared when you hear those sirens rushing out the highway.

I too live right by the highway, and i hear sirens alot, either there heading to port ed or ridley… im not sure but latley the sirens have been going crazy