Highway Closure

I just heard on the police scanner that the highway from Prince Rupert to Terrace has been closed due to serious automobile accident.70 Km outside of Prince Rupert. There was a two semi truck pile up on the Highway and one of the drivers was in critical condition and in need of helicopter evac


Another log truck just plowed into the other two.

Drive BC had issued a travel advisory at 8:20 for the highway between Prince Rupert and Terrace, advising that conditions were poor for travel

Here’s the view of Kasiks as of 10:56 am

images.drivebc.ca/bchighwaycam/p … c/146.html

The Drive BC website suggests conditions have improved in that area, though perhaps your update trumps that at the moment.

drivebc.ca/#mapView&z=7&ll=5 … 128.461439

I’m on my way home from PG today and the roads are snow covered the whole way so far.

DriveBC.ca still says nothing about the accident or road closure :-/


Sadly the RCMP switched to the G repeater so no more updates will be coming over the scanner

DriveBC finally updated the site and says the road is closed, they are assessing the situation, and the next update will be at 1:30.

Latest from Drive BC has the highway to remain closed until at least 6 PM and perhaps as late as 10 PM


Next update to come at 4 PM

cftk is reporting a fatality…a prince Rupert man…



More road and weather advisories for Highway 16

Heavy snow on way to Terrace