Highway 16

Just to let the travelling public know    Highway 16 east of Terrace is closed at least until tomorrow at day break because of a rock slide.

Thanks.  I heard that on the news today actually.  I know it’s on the OTHER side of Terrace, so it doesn’t really affect most of us, but it’s good to see someone posted about it, 'cause I’ve been wanting to go to Terrace for awhile, but have been wondering if there was any way to know if the road was closed before getting to that “road closed” arm. Good to know that people will be updating on here.

Well on the off chance that no one updates things, you can always check the Drive BC website, they have road closure updates and road conditons posted as they come along…

drivebc.ca/byRouteEvents.jsp … &x=18&y=11

Yeah, except weren’t you saying that drive BC said that there was snow at the ferry?

LOL, well yes that is true, but on the whole I think we can rely on them more or less for fairly accurate readings, though I’m still puzzled as to how the heavy snow at the ferry terminal thing ever made it to their website…

That, and last night it wasn’t on the DriveBC site, but I don’t think it took long to get it there.

Just looked at the DriveBC site and there was nothing listed. Hope its clear as I’m travelling back to PR tomorrow.

Just on Global news…slide is partially cleared, one-way alternating traffic until further notice.  Drive safe!

Well I’m not in the habit of defending the provincial government’s information system, but they had this notice posted at 1 pm today…

Rock Slide 40 km west of Junction with Highway 37 North, at Kitwanga. The road is reduced to single lane alternating traffic until further notice. Updated on Thu Nov 27 at 12:50 pm. (ID# 69454)

drivebc.ca/byRouteEvents.jsp … r=&x=7&y=5

Can you keep the road closed til after Christmas?
Then I won’t be obliged to go visit the gf’s piss-tank friends. Or worse, babysit, while she does…

Thanks. I was looking “By Area – North Coast Skeena”, and nothing came up.

JUst let us know the dates you need the highway closed and we will try and do it for you lLOL