Highway 16 closed from Rupert to Terrace

The Ministry of Highways closed Highway 16 this afternoon, closing the highway from the Port Ed Turnoff thru to Terrace.


I want to go to Kloya Bay to go kayaking…thats Bullshit… they should close the highway near the frickin Skeena …Mother@%*%s

Maybe just drive out there, they probably say from the Port Ed turn off because that’s where that fancy little sign that never seems to work is located, perhaps the actual closure is further along, never know eh…

Just put in at Galloway Rapids and paddle there! 

Yes, Astro,  there is a place to lauch on the left just before the bridge.

:smiley: ya went swimming instead… :smiley:

I just drove out there. the road is closed at the gates just past rainbow lake, not at the Port Ed turnoff

morning everyone…

just a quick note… I was in terrace yesterday… it is real bad up there… we had to leave the new car we bought up there and charter a plane back here. as i had to work today… flying down the skeena river. it is flooded out in 5 different places… they have trains on the bridges to even keep them still… but in a few places the trains are even in water… but the thing that pissed us off is when we try to leave terrace at 3 pm the sign up there said watch for flooding but when we got out to new remo that is were they had the road blocked… so they dont change that sign either… but after 530  they did so there is alot of people up there from here that are stuck… we heard it could be up to 2 or 3 weeks before it opens. that is why we chartered a plane… just be glad we all live here in sunny prince rupert… HOME SWEET HOME…

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morning everyone…

just a quick note… I was in terrace yesterday… it is real bad up there… we had to leave the new car we bought up there and charter a plane back here. as i had to work today…[/quote]

Hmmm not shopping in town… Large purchase… Thanks for not supporting PR.

The only thing I go to Terrace for, is my favorite store in the whole world: Cambodian Tire. I love that place. The only thing almost as good as Cambodian Tire, is the Cambodian Tire flyers! That’s a good read.

It’s great, I heard 7 11 is outta gas, people are scrambling to buy up milk and eggs. Oh noes! Everyone panic…

I wonder how deep the flooded parts are? They should let capable vehicles through… I bet heavy duty trucks can still pass, and a lot of light trucks too. Just put a skidder at one end to pull 'em through if they get stuck!

A bunch of cars in line at Petro Canada, waiting to gas up.

Um, it’s not like this is a permanent thing.  Besides, how much gas are you wasting if you can’t even DRIVE anywhere?  I probably use a tank of gas every 2 weeks, and I drive around for work.

No kidding, sheesh everybody seems to forget that we live on the ocean and that if the closure was of any length that supplies can just as easily come up by barge from cvilization…

Went to Overwaitea and there’s no produce, no milk and such. But hey lots of snack foods, so if the worst comes we can all live on Pringles chips…

Just a tad panic stricken around here at times, must be mountains… :unamused:

Apparently the liquor store is out of beer. Being in Safeway yesterday reminded me of that Simpsons episode with the hurricane, when everyone is tearing throught the Kwik-E Mart and scrapping over cat litter and canned eels. I really hope it doesn’t come to that.

I guess we can over react at times but none the less I am getting whatever I can at the current price. If we have to rely on barge service to get our food and gas, you can guarantee we will feel it in the wallet.

im living off the ocean and the land, there is plenty to eat… and ya its only for a few days… i will walk or use a bike if i cant drive… people go all crazy at these times… i laugh my ass off…


MY god the end times are nigh!

Surely the weak American beers are still available… :unamused:

American beers are still available?  Like he said… WE’RE OUT OF BEER!

I certainly hope Prince Rupert isn’t heading for another rendition of the “Twinky Defence”, although it would be an interesting read if it were to happen here.

Don’t worry guys! I’ve got a bottle of vanilla extract we can all split…

Gas is for suckers… I’ve got 60 gallons of processed bio-diesel, and about 1000 gallons of unrefined stuff waiting for me. I’ll tell you, paying $0.00/L feels pretty good!

I would have shopped here in town but , the price they wanted to give us it was a better deal in terrace… it was worth the 3000.00 differance

thank you
here a few pic’s for you all to see the skeena… birds eye view

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