High Latency?


Just wondering if anyone is noticing very high latency over the web/net… Pages are taking a fair amount of time to load, and gamespy is reporting that 700ms is about the lowest ping between me and other servers… I’m on the 7.2Mb CityTel connection. Maybe it’s just my network.

Yeah, Yeah Mig. If I took Cisco, I’d know already know :smiley:

Joining into a multiplay game seems to work, but the connection errors come a flying, and it’s not possible to play.


Yeah, I notice it too.

1 host249 ( 11.887 ms 7.234 ms 10.864 ms
2 5conn28.rupert.net ( 12.039 ms 7.583 ms 8.474 ms
3 telus-gw-pr.rupert.net ( 7.444 ms 7.99 ms 8.607 ms
4 nwmrbc01dr12.bb.telus.com ( 908.035 ms 904.362 ms 905.298 ms
5 vancbc01dr04.bb.telus.com ( 904.125 ms 898.683 ms 900.377 ms
6 ( 900.592 ms 903.066 ms 899.597 ms

Looks like it’s the telus connection…


oh sweet… I thought it was just me stealing all the bandwidth again. :wink:


last Sat htmf kept going unreachable. traces stopped at

citytel offers 7.2? best we can get is 4 here on dsl’s. No matter who supplies a 10MB here Telus wants $9000 to install the local loop. And their C.O. is across the friggin street!


They call it 7.2Mb…


I was actually working on the database and kept taking the site offline on Saturday.


That’s okay. I blamed Telus anyway. I was just dropping bricks because I’d post and lose the link from my daughter’s system and thot she’d been hacked.


Yeah, whenever you see stuff like “mysql errors” or it just doesn’t connect, chances are I am doing stuff with the server.

This isn’t my business or job, it’s my hobby :wink: So I like to mess with things all the time.


when i saw an sql error, i stopped looking for viruses. We’va had a lot of trouble w Telus & their cisco routrs here