Hide the children, Rap really is bad for you!

See what happens when you listen to far too much rap music for your own good!

Perhaps this all explains the mess the world is in after all!

LOL that is soo cool i Love rap but only some rap  :imp:

I think this will make everyone forget about Bill Clinton playing the sax on the Arsenio Hall Show, or at the very least appreciate what it takes to not be talked into doing something like that on TV. 

I don’t want to come off as racist by any means, and I know they were doing a rap song (ish), but who looked the most out of place?

that bitch better be doing the perp walk soon enough, im glad hes gettin some practice with his crip walk.

I was watching CNN yesterday and they were saying it was a good practice run for all those prison shows tht Mr. Rove might someday be involved with. At least I think it was CNN, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t FOX as they seem to believe that No Republican belongs in jail.

Karl Rove is unlikely to be doing a perp walk in the near future as he’s being protected by the administration that he helped to elect twice. :imp: