Hi folks

Did you all miss me?

Yup. Welcome back to HTMF. :smile:

You all I quess wondering were I have been well I’m not liveing in prince rupert I moved over a year ago and started a new life in lower mainland I miss rupert it will always be home my friends which I care for so much I made big mistakes and I guess I. Am paying for that I can tell you I was going through a lot without the help from my loveing family whom love so dearly and my mental health worker and my lord mighty god I know for sure I would been dead and long gone I hope you all the best and may god bless you all and god bless my town prince rupert and its new leader lee brain he will bring back the good old days he has a vision and I know he will do it.

Welcome back buddy . You have been missed . Take care of yourself

Good to hear from you Ajaye! welcome back!

thumbs up