Hey, you kids, get off of our, er, streets

“These are hoodlums out at two, three and four in the morning with big rocks in their hands smashing windows for no good reason…I think we need to look at a curfew and the implications of a curfew and as a city try and help these [store owners] out.” – Councillor Ken Cote, expressing frustration at the random acts of vandalism in the city in the early morning hours.

The prospect of a youth curfew has once again been introduced to Prince Rupert City council, as Councillor Ken Cote returned to that theme at this weeks City council meeting.

Councillor Cote expressed his concern over the increasing number of vandalism cases in the downtown area, and asked council to take an in-depth look at the option as a way of removing potential trouble makers from the streets late at night and providing some much sought assistance to the local business community which has suffered the brunt of the mindless activity…

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