Hey rupert rampage fans!

The Rampage are having an Awards night on Saturday the 11th.  Family, friends and fans are invited to join the fun at 7:00pm at Chances Convention Centre.  Players and sponsors will be acknowledged and it has just been confirmed that Triple Bypass will play from 8 to midnight!  Admission is only $5.00 (19+)…tickets at the door!! 

Chances . . . again. Great. Sounds like a great “family” event.

Considering that they are a Platinum sponsor where else could it be held to hold 400 people? Civic Auditorium is too small and the Gym costs over $1200 to rent?

Who said they had to hold 400 people? I’m sure a place like the curling rink would be fine and, if they do need to accommodate 400 people, sure, use the Civic gym and ask their main sponsors to foot the bill. Between them, it would be chump change. I mean the Rampage went out of their way to promote themselves as family entertainment yet this event is for people 19 and over. They had to choose between Chances and kids, and chose Chances.

Kids still owuld not be allowed to this event as it has ETOH.  It is meant for the sponsors and opened to the fans 19 over. The Rampage held skates with the kids under 19 at Christmas and one player from each division was selected to help out and or go on the ice for the line up at each game ( kids from Minor Hockey) Perhaps you might want to step up and volunteer to organzie something like this for the kids next year?

Many rampage members were seen handing out candy to the kids at the Winterfest Parade and also attended some of the minor hockey practices. A huge bonus to the kids as well:)

That is sooo weak. It’s like people who respond to someone critical of a politician, by saying: “why don’t you run for office?” I just think it would have been nice to have a more inclusive celebration. Going and skating with them and being in a parade handing out lollipops is just good PR.

[quote=“Max Power”]
I just think it would have been nice to have a more inclusive celebration. [/quote]


Then just say that, instead of beating around the bush with negative comments like your other 60 posts… :unamused:

Max Power .

You have a right to your comments, but I always say if you are not part of the solution than you are part of the problem.

You get more with honey than vinegar … quit being so negative! ( there are good happy pills available by RX from your GP)

On a personal note, the Captain of the Rampage team has made it a point to take time out to talk to my kids on many levels, and come out on HIS OWN TIME to go on the ice and give the kids shooting tips etc, more than just good PR! One of the goalies, gave my oldest his brand new goalie stick … I think rather than be negative about something as simple as a year end party, we should be extending KUDOS to the players, coaches, organizers, sponsors and FANS for a great first year. It took a lot of effort by a whole lot of people to get this off the ground, and yet you are nagging about a party for ADULTS ONLY! Get a life man.

Sounds like YOU’RE both on happy pills! :smiley:
Okay,guys, listen up: Rupert is booming because of the container port. Really. To say anything else would be “negative.”

Put it in perspective please. In my statements I am referring to The end of Year RAMPAGE PARTY and replying to your statements. Never said that Rupert was booming, but I actually like it here I can afford a house here and my spouse and I can  manage to live here with having just one vehicle and our kids can play sports and not break the bank.

Well, I can’t disagree with your liking it in Rupert, Maxwell. I happen to think it’s a pretty terrific town - the rain doesn’t bother me as much as it does some people (how’s that for positive!). I just think people shouldn’t be dismissed because they’re critical. Most of the posts on here deal with issues and some are going to take critical stands, some are going to be supportive.
As for the Rampage, I have nothing against the team. I have a couple of buddies on the team, their coach is a great guy, and their mere existence has generated some much-needed enthusiam in Rupert. Just would’ve preferred a year-end family event, that’s all. But the sad reality is that Chances owns Rupert now so it shouldn’t have surprised me.

I dunno, the games are family friendly, the activities the rampage participate in are family friendly, when do the adults get to cut loose without the kids and have some fun in celebration of all their accomplishments?

I’m a member of the autoclub, have been since I was 12 or so. Worked at all of the events our club has put together. And I remember one year we threw a big bash, had live band, and a dinner. I wasn’t old enough to go at the time, but i had no problems with it. Sometimes organizers want to cut loose and just have a few beers.

It’s alot of work to put on shows like what the Autoclub did back then, and even more so to organize a hockey team. Promotions, security everything. And on top of that there is almost always a serious lack of volunteers to throw it all together. Which puts more work onto fewer people.

If the organizers of the Rampage team want to have a night to celebrate with little to do other than sit back and relax. I think they deserve it. Why, at the end of the year, should they have to organize a kid friendly atmosphere where drinking isn’t really supposed to be happening, with activities for the kidlets and such, More work? NAHHH. Be thankful the public is invited at all. They could just be celebrating to themselves you know. But they do want to share their success. It’s been since the Halibut Kings since we’ve had a hockey team in town.

You have a valid point, Bubba. I don’t think the public should be “thankful” for the invite, though; without its support, the Rampage wouldn’t exist. Indeed, any fans that go are again supporting the team.

if there was a kids event to celebrate the rampage season what would you suggest they do max?