Hey mig

have you ever seen damnsmall linux running?dsl


What is the newest stable version of dsl?
I want to create a dedicated bootable copy of dsl on my keydrive.
i did get it dsl installed on a keydrive by copying  all the dsl files from the cd onto the keydrive ( “ATERMINAL”
$ sudo mount /dev/sda1              $ cp -r /mnt/cdrom/* /mnt/sda1  )
i am having trouble getting dsl to boot from my keydrive as dedicated boot and data partition
any suggestions?

I have no idea.  Check



I got it running off a 256MB CF in an IDE adapter. 

good a place to ask as a new thread:

Can you create a directory with a sym link to /dev/null?
ln -s /dev/null .die
mv foo.file .die

so that any file sent to it is just gone?