Hey guys...Proud of your pets, post some pics!

  Soaking up the sun  !  That one day we had last summer :unamused:

Pets you say…

Sandy says ‘Have a Happy Day’.

I have two. Interesting story about the cat. He showed up one day at our house, yowling at the back door. I chased him away, the dog chased him away. I even turned the hose on him, he just wouldn’t leave. We found the owners and several times they tried to take him back home, but he kept coming back here. They timed it one day, it was a four hour trek for him to come from his house to ours. We just kept him eventually. He picked his retirement home as he is now probably around 19 years old. I guess he wanted a house with a dog because ours is the only dog he doesn’t try and kill.

Smiling Maisie, Laughing Buddha. 

Second of  my two cats…My computer whiz :smiley:

Uh oh - now you’ve asked for it…

rushes off to go through the plethora of gigabytes of photos of her babies

I have no pets :frowning:  I just get to kittysit sometimes :frowning:

These are my pets.  

First photo-Caleigh from the local SPCA.  She’s a Scottish Fold.  We got her at about 6 months old.  We’ve had her for about a month or so.  My children terrorize her.

Second photo-Ozzy and Annie.  Ozzy is from the Nanaimo SPCA.  Annie is from a farm.  She was born in a barn in the middle of a snow storm.  For some reason my husband and I can come up with endless jokes about this fact.  These two were babies together, and at one time were the same size.  They are best friends.

Third Photo-Annie is less than impressed being dressed in a tutu.

Fourth Photo-Sabre and Ozzy.  Sabre is also from the Nanaimo SPCA.  She’s my oldest cat, and most beloved.  She’s the least friendly of the bunch though.  She likes to give me wet , dog like kisses on my lips when I’m sleeping.  It’s pretty gross.  (wet sandpaper on your lips in the middle of the night isn’t very pleasant.)



everystockphoto.com/photo.ph … Id=2267306

Check out this great video

This is calico she is very friendly and soft. Sometimes I let her out in the backyard but she comes home where she knows she is loved.

Ha ha, love the caterpillar!

Too many to post here - instead you all can check them out on my photobucket account.  :smiley:

Lightning is the brown and white dog, and Storm is the black and white dog.  Both are male Italian Greyhounds - and spoiled rotten. :wink:


My dog Scout, a short haired sheltie with a wig… :smiley:

My two cats.  Digby (white cat) is a couple of years old now, we got him from the SPCA.  Flip (tabby) is a Scottish Fold.  I got him when he was about 3 months old, he’s 10 now.  Cranky old fart!!


Daddy got a Mac!
Photo Booth anyone?

there’s a cat in there!