He's figured it out

I think that maybe he is right!

That is hilarious and yep, so true… :smiley:

Brilliant. True. Kinda sad.

My question is:

Is this a reversable trend?

Depends, can we convince MILLIONS of youth obsessed people, that youth is ugly, and it’s better to age and be normal?

LOL. Doubtful.

I guess you are proof of that.

lol No.

You must not realise, I’m the tinfoil hat wearer here…
I’m al for trying, I just know it won’t happen, too much media influence. And all of it is done for a reason. :wink:

Good luck though

Paranoid delusions are a serious psychological disorder.

I’m al for trying, I just know it won’t happen [/quote]

This kind of “support” we don’t need. If you can’t pry yourself away from media influence enough to call it what it is - then of course you won’t see any change…because you haven’t changed.