Hero dog, my ass!

There was a story in the paper the other day about a “hero” dog that saved his owner after she had fallen in a river. She fell in but still had a hold of the leash so, instead of letting himself be pulled in to his death with her, the dog stood his ground and started walking backwards, pulling her out.
Sounds like self-preservation to me! He’s probably not too pleased with the woman either for wanting to take him with her! :angry:

best post ever…poolboy you are so right…if she let go the dog would have ran away or passed back and forth…

That could be true.
I’m not a dog owner, but I’ve heard that Dogs can be quite loyal to the people who care for them.  Is that a fallacy? :confused:

yeah there is countless stories of dogs saving their masters from death, the most amazing ones are where the dog seems to know about something the humans dont, and thats what saves them. telepathic dogs, what next?

Speaking of dogs…
I just about puked when I saw the movie trailer for Disney’s “Under Dog” movie on tv last night. Of all the things that point to the absolute downfall of Hollywood… comic book movies, video game movies…
I used to watch UnderDog when I was a kid… Did you know they took it off the air because some Parent’s Group protested that because UnderDog got his powers from taking a Super Energy Pill the cartoon was, if not an outright promotion of LSD, encouraging youth to do drugs?
Simon Bar Sinister was real. And now he’s in the Oval Office! Save us UnderDog! Save us!

Insert “The Littlest Hobo” theme here.