Being as there as been no mention in the ‘Good Daily News’ about last weeks winners of the Heritage quiz, any body know who won?

Considering the amount of times he’s been in the paper recently my guess is Herb Pond.

  I don’t know either…Might of been one of the three pages of babies that filled the paper, cute but really…? :unamused:

McMeekins Store Stumped me, they were located in the NAPA building at one time but that wasn’t the pic in the Snooze.

Yes, I remember the McMeekins wholesale store where Napa is now, but the Grocery store must have been some where on lower West Third Ave. I found a reference to it in one of the Bowman books as being beside the Royal Bank of Canada. Must have been long before the bank was where Home Hardware is now. By the look of the hill side behind it, it seems to be lower third Ave. The reflection in the window kind of looks like the building where the old Gordon and Anderson store was (the one that burned down).
Hope the Good Daily News lets us in on it.

My guess was somewhere across from City Hall

TO be specific La Cucina’s location

One other thing I noticed in the photo was that the slope in front of the store was downward from left to right. In other older pictures of 3rd. Ave. it was like that on the upper area around what is now the City Hall area. So maybe…?

I’m pretty sure the Napa site was the wharehouse, the store in the picture was where the original Overwaitea store used to be, which was right beside the stairs that go up to fourth Ave. west.

I think you are off by about i blk look at the sidewalk,clocked out and I are closer in the La Cucina area.
Does any body know  the McMeekin Bros.?? I is a jeweller and I think the other is a longshoreman.

there is a mcmeekin at the port yes longtime longshoreman good guy

The winners are in todays Snooze, but still no answer to the burning question

Just take some antibiotics and it will clear up in a week or so. 

Sorry couldn’t resist!

Know them both as well and spoke with one about this specific point, and my previous post was what I was told? The stores were their grandfather’s. And yes both are definitely good guys. I thought the same as you initially as well. Just took another look at the photo and the house on the hill above I believe was Scott’s old house which still stands today, so am not certain? Mig the antibiotics aren’t helping and the burning persists. Perhaps Phylis Bowman has the cure?

I thought there was another McMeekin, Dave, nice guy but had some serious drug problems.  He died about 5-6 years ago.  How was he related?  I met him on a few occassions through my job but he never spoke of his family…


I guess the results of the photo contest is now on a need to know basis.
Todays paper had no mention of the answers.
The Snooze will probably publish answers when all have forgotten and moved on.
Much more important to fill up space with submitted photos.   

Yeah. I think I am ok on the main questions, but the McMeekin store is still bugging me!

Last answer I got was a toss up between K&C Apartments real estate agents office or La Cucina,got it within 50 meters, thats getting better,

Sounds like the right area.