Heres a new review of intel atom cpu vs via nano … VzaWFzdA==

Posted just as I’m waiting for an Atom powered AcerOne instead of a Celeron Eee…

Had a company charge card burning a hole in my pocket so I picked up an Acer Aspire One today.
9" screen, Intel Atom 1.6GHz, 512RAM, 8 GB SSD, Linpus Linux.
I was holding out for the 120 GB reg drive model that come w 1 GB RAM same price, but they’re held up another 2 weeks… (3rd delay, waiting since mid-May)
Just unboxing it now…

Cool.  Never heard of Linpus, is that another Debian derivative?  I’ll be curious to hear how the unit functions. :smile:

It’s a redhat deriv… I gather custom designed by Acer

1st impressions:

1024 pixels is tiny on a 8.9" screen. The 7" Eee is easier on the eyes, The Aspire1 easier on the scrolling.
Doesn’t seem any faster.
Keyboard is bigger, a little easier to use.
Quality of finish and style are nicer.
The native Linpus isn’t as Fisher-Price as the EasyDesktop. Terminal is hidden away under the File menu in My Documents??? WTF???
Access hatch underneath leads to SFA… you need to disassemble to do a RAM upgrade like in the 2G or white 4G Eee. 512MB soldered on mobo, one SODIMM DDR2 slot.

The display is much sharper and brighter than on the Eee.

Thanks for the review, herbie:-)  Redhat is a rock-solid distro, one of my first distros.  I guess it must use yum or something similar for updates?
I’m guessing it is priced competitively.

picked mine up on promo for $379
I would assume yum works, but updating is done thru the GUI.

I will be Ubuntu-izing my last RedHat server this week (too old), and my last Fedora by Sept.
Probably try it on the Aspire1 sometime this week.

Good price! :sunglasses:  I like the look of the unit. :smile:  GUIs are fine…whatever works and gets the job done.

Yum works. No GUI text editor by default so I had to
yum install nano
to get rid of the damned UK keyboard option

Awesome!  I also like using a good text editor (I like nano too) and a shell prompt for admin purposes.  The unit sounds promising indeed. :smile:

There’s an easier way to get Terminal than the one they describe. Press ALT-F2 and type terminal into Run. I suppose you could set a Hotkey like HOME-T so it’s like the Eee.
I like an icon on the dock personally…

Yep, me too.  XFce 4.4.2 in Slackware has a terminal icon right on the panel, which is perfect.  I also add icons for applications that I usually use.

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There is a way to enable the Xfce desktop, but I won’t get to…
every single person who saw this in my shop today was blown away by the price/features. I took it home to play with, but got drafted onto a Stand Up For The North Committee and didn’t get to.
My two suppliers also got into a pissing war over them and I can now match the price and make a couple bucks… nice news.
I also got offered the HP Mininote at a good price, as usual the Yanks are a day late and a dollar short. Lamer ViaC7 1.2 processor, 120GB SATA and VISTA!!! (there’s a redhat model as well)

I’m also very impressed with the features/price point.  This would make an excellent travel lap top, nice-and light.  I think it is great that this ultra-light market is opening up. :smiley:
Any glitches yet?

Xubuntu forever!

Yeah, that’s awesome!  Speaking of which, I just downloaded the iso for Xubuntu 8.04, I think I’ll give it a try at some point. :sunglasses:

Unpacking an Acer1 XP tonight to check out… more later…

Take photos!

Hope htmf has auto-resizing:
here’s the Acer1, Eee701 and a Toshiba 15" for size comparison

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Takes almost an hour for the XP to set up, once it does it is almost as fast to boot into XP off the 120GB SATA as it is to load Ubuntu on the 701.
You get the full complement of garbage, Works, Office 2007 trial, Macafee.
Immediately loaded FF3 so as not to infect it by morning… runs well.
This model comes with 1GB RAM, they preload another 512 in the slot plus the 512 soldered on the mobo.
Comparing this with the Sempron2600 XP tower at work, I think this is a little faster.
I think as soon as I can get one in blue or gloss black, I’ll flog the Toshiba and set up a dual boot on one of these… or maybe find an excuse to keep both…