Heres a good browser to speed up your surfin

this will help speed up your internet

Interesting, I see it is using the gecko engine.  I see that this is a “windows only” application, no ports for Linux or OS X. :neutral_face:

The idea is to use Gecko but not use Mozilla’s cross-platform GUI.  So it integrates with Windows better.

On Linux, you’d get the same result with Galeon or something like that.  On Mac OS X, you’d want Camino to do something similar.

So it’s basically Firefox without the cross-platform stuff.

and it works really well. :wink:

Nice.  I’ll have to try it out on some units at work.  Thanks for the link:-)

I used K-Meleon a few years back, and it was pretty sweet.

However, I found it to have very poor support for “rich media” like Flash and Java. Has that changed?