Here comes the fleet?

Every once and a while it seems the much circulating Prince Rumour mill hits one, a while back it was floated around town that the Navy was planning on setting up a naval base in the city. It was a little nugget that many quickly dismissed as a rather far off option and not something to get too excited about.

But as it turns out there was a bit of fire with all of that smoke, and while it’s not quite Esquimalt North, in a military planning paper called Canada First Defence Strategy there is a plan mentioned to set up a new “naval reserve divisionâ€

This is damn nice news indeed. Rupert has quite a history with the Naval Reserve. Bringing a unit back honors that history.


w000 w0000 Navy Boys!  Bring on the change of scenery!!

so we are getting a reserve base does that mean we get the dinghy boats too? hehe

I prefer it when we’re not a potential terrorist target.