Herbies out of hiding

After not seeing him for quite a while.  I’ve seen him walking the streets 3 times in 4 days.
I guess the campaign is not far off when he starts working the streets.

I have to quit reading this site.  When I first saw Herbie, I immediately thought Popnecker.

Anyway, this might be a thread to keep track of the comings and goings of Herb and Gary as we get closer to the election writ being dropped.

Herb had a letter to the editor yesterday praising Earle Gale.  Nice and complimentary.  No controversy.  But his name’s in print.

Your move, Gary. 

Yeah it was a nice letter, especially the part about family and such.

Of course I remember a very different letter to the editor, co signed by the then Mayor of Prince Rupert and the Mayor of Port Edward offering up some editorial assistance as to the tone of the newspaper when it came to covering local information.

It seems to be the same kind of tone taken in the recent editorial by the newspaper outlining why they made the changes that seem to have resulted in Mr. Gale’s change of employment status, which in turn provided for Mr. Pond’s latest contribution to the editorial page.

All tis a big circle I guess…

Herb just took a little Siesta after his terms as mayor and no doubt was just getting geared up for a little campaigning for the provincial election.  This is going to be an interesting race in our riding.

Yes indeed:-)

I think Herb’s letter was part “nice”, and part “political”.  The political motive is hypocritical, because it was pressure from the business community (ie. Herb’s Liberal supporters) that was part of the story behind Earl’s departure.  I guess it’s up to us to judge what portion “nice” and what portion “political”.

I agree with D White: your move Gary.

Herbie was campaigning at the children’s festival today.  Maybe someone should tell him what the voting age is.

Ah that’s from the Liberal handbook, page 6,750 of the recently release B C Rail files… :smiley:

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i  was just there all day i didnt see him . must not have been there long lol

Yup, he was there - in the flesh this PM in the big gym.

Herb is going to have a hard time putting a smiley face on the liberals ignoring rural BC and the arrogance of Campbell.

I like Herb, he’s a nice man!  But, I will never vote for the Liberals.  The BC Liberals do not care about working families.  The Liberals have misplaced priorities: spending hundreds of millions on Olympic games when they should be adequately funding health care and education.
I will support Gary’s re-election bid. :smile:

Aren’t the Olympic games creating jobs for working families and creating a huge economic stimulus?  You’ve got to spend money to get people working. 

The Liberals have tried to stimulate the economy of rual communities but have been hampered by environmental issues and land claims issues.  The Liberals have made alot of mistakes but lets not forget what they have tried to do for northern BC.  It’s not all bad.

Oh?  How will the Olympics benefit Prince Rupert? 
Sure.  The lower mainland will have a temporary construction boom and lots of tourism dollars.  But, I see little direct benefit for us.

You didnt say anything about Rupert, you said that the Libs dont care about working families.  I agree that it will not have a huge impact on us up here.

the olympics are a great idea but the amount of money they spend on it is retarded. they think they are increasing tourism is crazy. they could send 50,000 canadians to different countries all over educating the world about us . and that’ll still be way cheaper lol.

The spending is out of control but hindsight is 20/20.  It has created work for many people in the lower mainland and will leave a lasting legacy.  Unfortunately, we won’t see much benefit up here. 

Hindsight is 20/20 ?

I think people have been saying from the very beginning that this was going to cost taxpayers a lot of money.  That’s not hindsight.  I remember people comparing it to all the other Olympic Games that lost money.  That’s also not hindsight. 

Instead of “hindsight is 20/20” how about a “yeah, yeah, so they were right when they said it was going to cost taxpayers a lot of money.” ?

As for lasting legacy, yeah, I guess in the same way the Olympics left a lasting legacy for Montreal – huge debt that took forever to pay off.

Let’s see now, upon election the Libs immediately eliminated the apurtenancy regulations from the forest code, go to any sawmill community to see the positive effect that had on working families.

The Libs shitcanned the Fast Cats claiming boodoggle, just when BC shipyard Industry was beginning to be revitalized.
I predict the security for the olympics will be as much or more than the Fast Cats price tag.
Will the US security company Pinkertons see a windfall profit that will leave BC?

The Libs immediately eliminated the regualtion that only qualified tradesperson’s and apprentices could work on the construction of Govt. funded buildings

One the eve of a nationwide shortage of tradespeople the Libs dismantled one of the best Apprenticeship programs in North America. And then replaced it with a program designed to fail.

Sold BC Rail under very questionable circumstances, and then there is BC Ferries spending BC money for used junk from europe.


Okay.  Let me re-state and add more information. The Liberals don’t care about working families or Prince Rupert.  :smile:
With regard to the Olympics I notice that the Premiere is becoming decidedly coy when asked by reporters about the Olympic debt.  I’m not sure what stimulus the economy of Vancouver will receive.  The city of Vancouver is financing this debacle.