Herbie makes a break from the Fort?

Perhaps it was one bad customer too many that led to this headline…

Taxi Stolen In Ft St James Recovered In Prince George

Ah herbie, it can’t be that bad can it??? :wink:

opinion250.com/blog/view/756 … nce+george?

Tempting but I prefer to use my own wheels.
4 more ppl dumber than hammers keeping up the town’s reputation.

Okay this is getting a little much:
There’s almost thirty people milling about the Town Pantry parking lot. Shuffling about in circles just like zombies.
Not after brains… (though they could use some)
Someone walks out and tosses a pop can in the trash and 4 shuffle over to recover it.
I walk out unpeeling a pack of smokes and 8 more head toward my car. Don’t move fast enough to make it there before I pull out…
social observations for Anthropology 101 essay on human subspecies 8472

  • locomotion is not only slow, but similar to that of ducks, indicating either a common trait of severe piles, or they’ve ALL shit themselves
  • restricted vocabulary of unknown structure. Three repeating sounds, “Yuuuuuhhhh!”, “Budddeeeee” and "Yagodda (unintelligible possibly noun)
  • observable ‘roosting’ behaviour. Sub-groups all line up along edge of cleared sidewalk with toes overhanging the edge. Structure of sub-group changes as new individuals rotate with ones leaving the roost.
  • evolved social structure- cigarette butts, the odd coffee or hot dog shared by all. Possible religious ritual involving passing of the green bottle in paper bag, which always returns to the alpha male.

LMAO…classic stuff, herbie! :sunglasses:

One more reason to quit smoking?!

Oh God… a panic phone call right at closing time… I can’t set up my e-mail I have a Mac and it has our old account on it…
I didn’t have a Mac nearby, they had no preferences or accounts anywhere to modify… I have to check my Mac at home… so I just did.
*Wow that was SO FUCKING HARD it would take my DOG four seconds to figure out!!! *



The Great Taxi Incident:
The driver left the taxi to knock on the people’s door when they didn’t respond to his honking. While he was at the door, others ran out and stole the idling taxi.
What is amusing is that there are over 2 dozen RCMP stationed in the Fort, God knows how many in Vanderhoof,  and only ONE ROAD linking the towns, which takes 40 minutes to drive. Yet the thieves made it all the way to Prince George.
They completely trashed the interior of the cab, and left what was described by the RCMP as “bio-hazards” inside which prevented the owner from recovering it.
Maybe they\ll have to change the name to M & AIDS Taxi…

hats off to Podunkian for scooping the story. The local rag missed it entirely. Hard News means whatever nonprofit group or high-school kid delivers to their door.

Can’t take credit for the scoop, I came across it while browsing along the opinion 250 website…

Sorry to hear that they left the cab in such a state though, guess you all have to walk around the fort now… :wink:

I’m pretty sure they have a rickshaw or two!  Or at least a wheelbarrow!

Hey, book mark this for next time :stuck_out_tongue: screen shots for mac/pc from os 7.1 to 10.5 :stuck_out_tongue: