Help with Vista - Most Useless OS

Seen this 4 times in last three work days:
Do a Vista repair, then it ALWAYS stops and asks Select what OS to boot.
Do a reinstall and get the same thing.
Setting the timeout with the Advanced/Startup doesn’t work.
bcdedit doesn’t work
booting again with the disk (to try to fixboot mbr etc) finds startup errors, says it fixed them, reboots and then it won’t start at all. Booting again to the DVD will do a half hour can’t find dickshit send report to microsoft routine.

How do you do the old “Set boot.ini to zero” trick on Vista?

Screenshot, notice the bottom:

that was awesome mig!

I fingered it out.
When you reinstall, I always remove the stupid brand name partitions into a single drive and format it.
Good ole Windoze doesn’t do it. Probably hangs waiting for a series of 18 are you sure buttons… if it doesn’t actually pause and make you wait then it didn’t (god forbid tell you WTF its doing, eh?)
So there IS still another (now invisible) OS in the fucking boot record.

XP does that sometimes if you Quickformat on a reinstall. But you just edit boot.ini and set the timeout to zero and no one will ever notice…

Google: vista stop choose OS and look at the crap that comes up. I especially liked "make an MSDOS floppy (dont forget the /s), boot with it, and format c:. Then you can install Vista on a fresh hard drive"
with the wrong fucking filesystem. Must work for Acer or something…

Whats a floppy drive :smile: you can’t even buy a laptop with one of those any more.!